It's time to use this proven subliminal software to help you finally lose weight...

"The Reason You Can't Lose Weight Has Nothing To Do With Your Will-Power, Over-Eating, Or The Perfect Diet!... The Reason You're Overweight & Unhealthy Is Because Your Self-Limiting Thoughts Are Holding You Back!"


"...And Now I'm Going To Show You How To Automatically Fix It So Your Body Can Finally Shed All Of That Stubborn Weight For Good!!"

I know that may sound hard to believe, but I promise you'll understand exactly how you can do this, easily, effortlessly, and permanently if you just read
the '28 Second Rapid Overview' below...


28 second Rapid overview:  

The Subliminal Body Sculpting System is a specially designed software application that sits on your Windows® desktop. It quietly delivers safe, positive, unobtrusive, life-changing affirmations to your mind, flashing them undetectable directly onto your computer's screen. You won't even be aware of it as you continue to work on your computer, and it won't affect any other programs that are running, or slow down your system in any way.

This new, and highly effective science helps to implant positive suggestions deep into your sub-conscious mind, which brings about new patterns of behavior, belief and thought processes. Your sub-conscious mind is the area of your brain which is directly responsible for maintaining your day-to-day cravings and lazy behaviors that are seemingly so "uncontrollable". The new positive suggestions will replace the weak and destructive thought patterns of the old you.

Do you remember hearing about the famous soft-drink company which used subliminal messages in their television ads to get us to buy more soft drinks.  Or what about the story of the movie theater which used subliminal messages flashing on the screen (without us even knowing about it) to get us to buy more popcorn and snacks during the movies.  Well this science is illegal now because certain government agencies learned that by using subliminal messages that advertisers could literally motivate you to do, or buy products...

...Now it's possible to use this same advanced technology to make positive shifts in your life as well.  Now you can actually program yourself to love eating healthy foods - to really enjoy exercise - and to do the right combination of things to build a tight, lean, sexy body. From now on, every minute spent at your computer, will be time spent on your personal development and your physical well-being.  

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Have you ever looked at a movie star, a singer or an athlete and wished you could look something like them. Don't they always look great in front the camera, with their slim tight bodies neatly wrapped in the latest custom-made clothes? And don't they always draw a crowd of drooling admirers wherever they go? Would you like to be the proud owner a body to die for?

Imagine, people turning their heads to get a glimpse of you wherever you go. The opposite sex asking "Haven't I seen you somewhere before? Was it on TV or in a movie?" Because you simply look so great, people will assume you are a celebrity. Imagine how good that would make you feel. What a boost it would be to your self-confidence.

Have I got news for you...

Forget about how you look right now and start to see yourself as you'd really like to be. See yourself with a tight, lean, strong and fit body. Do you want it? Is it what you truly desire? Do you want it so much, you ache for it? Then make it happen. Here's how...

Re-program your sub-conscious mind to build a better body...
...and see results in just 28 days - Guaranteed!

Announcing the NEW Subliminal Body Sculpting System, developed specially for you. Now getting the body shape you want has never been easier. 

The Subliminal Body Sculpting System is a truly amazing computer software program that works by continually sending messages to your brain, without you even realizing it's happening. It's completely unobtrusive and more importantly it's completely safe. What you WILL notice is ... You'll want to change your eating habits. You'll want to eat more healthfully and you'll want to exercise more or be more active in life. It will seem like the natural thing to do. And the pay off is...

Your friends and family will start to notice a new you - fast. People will start saying you're losing weight and they'll comment on how healthy you look. They'll want to know your secret and some of them will even envy you. By this time you'll be feeling so good about yourself, you're self-confidence will rocket sky high. There'll be no going back. You'll be saying goodbye to the old lazy you forever.

Here's how it works...

You simply load the software program onto your computer and check the categories of your choice, depending on the goals and character traits you want to acquire. Next, just click the start button and get back to your normal work day. And that's it! There's absolutely nothing else to do. Your transformation has begun!

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The Subliminal Body Sculpting System implants suggestions deep into your sub-conscious mind, which brings about new patterns of behavior, belief and thought processes to your sub-conscious mind. This is the area of your brain that is directly responsible for maintaining your day-to-day cravings and lazy behaviors that are seemingly so "uncontrollable". The new suggestions will replace the weak and destructive thought patterns of the old you.

You'll literally be able to erase all the self-sabotaging sins of your past without ANY extra effort on your part because the program runs (undetectable) on your computer screen as you work or play games.

The Science and Technology Behind The
Subliminal Body Sculpting

This is a specially designed software application that sits on your Windows desktop (not for Mac computers). It quietly delivers safe, positive and unobtrusive affirmations to your mind, directly from your computer's screen. You won't even be aware of it as you continue to work on your computer, and it won't affect any other programs that are running, or slow down your system in any way. The positive affirmations that are sent to your sub-conscious are simply statements of intent, such as...

● I enjoy exercising

● I am full of energy

● I eat only healthy, low fat foods

● I stay positive and focused all day long

Due to the speed at which they're delivered onto your computer screen, your conscious mind will merely be aware of a slight flicker. Your eyes will not see the actual messages but your sub-conscious mind, which is responsible for changing your habits, will see the messages and instruct your conscious mind to act on them. You've often heard people say, "it's all in the mind". Well it is!

Your brain is a powerful machine that has the capacity to absorb, store and recall thousands of fragments of information each and every day. Each day you're mind is exposed to more than 100,000 thoughts, which will influence your decision making abilities, your beliefs, your ideas, your character traits and even your core values.

It's time to take control of your conscious mind by allowing your sub-conscious mind to reshape your body.

Every day, at work or at home, you'll benefit from the positive, self-inflicting statements of belief that have been specifically programmed to be implanted deep into your mind. What's more important is, you'll see the changes in your mirror and you'll see it in the faces of people by their expressions.

And remember! The Subliminal Body Sculpting System is 100% safe to use and has NO adverse effects. The only side effect of using this software is that you'll be able to more easily build the body of your dreams.

Reality check!!!

The Subliminal Body Sculpting System will not make you taller or shorter or carve away bone structure. It can't perform liposuction or surgically perform implantations. It's a safe, non-surgical means of helping you reduce your body mass gently and is totally painless. It's a true alternative method that helps you take control of your mind - which controls every action you take.

Here's what the  Subliminal Body
 Sculpting System can do for you...


Dissolve stress and ease away tension - Imagine being completely undeterred by everything life throws at you. No worries and no stress.  Subliminal Body Sculpting can train your mind to increase your tolerance levels to stressful situations, so you can work with a clear mind, helping you to solve the most difficult problems... FAST!


Eliminate bad habits in a flash! - Do you often crave those tasty little snacks? The ones you know are piling on the pounds? Have you already tried dieting and still couldn't lose any weight?  Subliminal Body Sculpting takes over your cravings and sets its own healthier diet instructions, which you'll happily enjoy following...sub-consciously.


Destroy harmful negative behavior patterns - Negative behavior patterns can lead to self-destruction, and almost everyone is affected in some way.  Subliminal Body Sculpting can help re-program your mind, and free you from bad habitual routines. You'll feel more successful and in control. You'll be responsive only to the new positive behavior patterns, which will ultimately change your life and your destiny, for the better.


Control and manage your emotions - Free your mind from worries and stress. Seeing your body transforming into the body of your dreams will help release endorphins, creating a 'feel-good factor'. You'll feel happier about yourself, have a higher self-esteem and develop a positive mental attitude to life in general.

The Subliminal Body Sculpting System is a complete mental training program with the neural capacity to safely and quickly trigger your mind into a state of higher perception and consciousness. It can expand your psychological abilities, resulting in peak mental performance. You'll notice your increased awareness, your acute alertness and your driving will-power.

If you never had the will-power to succeed - now you can.

If you never had the motivation necessary to stick to a diet - now you can.

If you never had the desire to eat healthy foods or to exercise - now you can.

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his amazing new technology puts you in control
of how you want to look and feel

The 'super-suggestions' of the Subliminal Body Sculpting System, are programmed to improve your inner thought processes without resistance. They are designed to help you develop successful patterns of behavior and remove habitual personality flaws. You'll increase your mental capacity for learning, while your body is re-shaping due to your new blue-print for life. And all without any extra effort on your part.

That's right! You don't have to do a thing! The whole system was designed to fit into your normal busy life, utilizing time you already spend at your computer, at the office, or at home. Every minute you use your PC, you'll be creating a fantastic new you!

By simply doing your normal work on your PC, you'll be re-affirming the goals, beliefs, thought processes and skills that you want to achieve. Your mind will accept these new beliefs as truth, and will map your cognitive reality firmly around them.

The Subliminal Body Sculpting System beams new affirmations to your sub-conscious mind at the rate of 1 per second, which means if you use your PC for an 8-hour shift, you'll receive... 28,800 blasts of positive energy, programming your mind to help you develop the body of your dreams.

If you use your PC for only an hour each day, over 3-4 times a week... that's still 10,000 - 14,000 positive affirmations beaming directly through the conscious barrier of your mind, every week!

Are you beginning to see its awesome power? Can you imagine its capabilities? No other self-help program comes even close!  In fact, this is the very first program developed using this proven technology devoted to helping you do what you've been wanting to do for so long - transform your body without any of the normal 'pains', or the feeling of having to sacrifice your life to get any real results.

Developing a "Thin", "Healthy"
"Energized" Mind-Set...

Belief is everything to achieving your goals in life. It really is that simple. If you don't believe you can live life in a tight, lean, sexy body - then you never will!  Even if you do lose weight - it'll only be temporary because you didn't change the underlying thoughts that caused you to gain the weight in the first place.

Visualize your belief. See yourself in the body you desperately desire. See your friends and family as they tell you how much you've changed. How healthy you look. How much fitter you look. How sexier you look.

See yourself at the gym and enjoying an exhilarating work-out. See yourself on the beach. Your toned body soaking up the sun. See the admiration from the opposite sex and see the envy of your work colleagues, friends and neighbors.

See it, believe it, and achieve it.

With the Subliminal Body Sculpting System your visions will become engrained into your subconscious mind driving you to make the right choices without even knowing you're doing so. It's fast and it's effective, but best of all it's effortless. You'll willingly want to change your bad habits. You'll willingly want to eat more wisely and healthfully. And you'll want to exercise. The more personal improvements you see, the more enthusiastic you'll become. Getting fit and healthy is addictive. You'll love every minute of it. And you'll love the attention even more.

You'll experience what it's like to get celebrity attention and enjoy all the recognition that comes with any major achievement. And what's will deserve it. Let the Subliminal Body Sculpting System make it happen for you.

Imagine living your life without worry,
without doubt and without fear of
being unhealthy and overweight

You'll change your whole perception and you'll...


Conquer your fears! - Crush your fears of failure without therapy! The single biggest challenge for anyone who wants to lose weight is their fears. Fear of failing or fear of success. Would you find it daunting having to deal with all the new attention you'd get from others?  Do you fear having to get a new hairstyle or wear different clothes now that you're so much slimmer and in better shape?   Subliminal Body Sculpting destroys fear at the source!


Alter your perception of food - Foods that you would normally avoid will become your first choice.  Subliminal Body Sculpting will train your mind to crave only the types of food that are best for your health and vitality.


Increase your desire to exercise - You won't need an invitation to go to the gym. You'll want to go. And the fitter and healthier you become, the more you'll want to exercise to keep the body shape that's making you feel so good. You'll have so much more energy and you'll look so attractive, people will think you've been working out all your life.


Empower your physical self - The  Subliminal Body Sculpting series will help you develop the thought process that in turn will help your physical being. You'll think more positively and you'll be in total control of your thoughts and actions. You'll develop what everyone wants...a positive mental attitude.

How Much Is It?

Totally amazed? You should be. There's isn't anything like this revolutionary software program designed to help you live life in the body you deserve - anywhere. It's new. It's advanced. It's life-changing and it's yours for just $49.95.


How would you like to join those who
secretly use this technology to gain the
upper hand in life ... those who appear
to easily make big, lasting change
in just minutes?

It literally turns the time you're working at your PC into a self-development, health and wellness workshop. And it's the ONLY tool that can genuinely make such a huge, positive impact on your body and your life... WITH NO EFFORT AT ALL.

Ready to try out the  Subliminal Body Sculpting? I really hope so. Go on, give it a go. You might just surprise yourself.

We've automated the payment and download process, so you can be installing  Subliminal Body Sculpting on your PC literally within minutes.

But before all of that, let's quickly review exactly what you'll get when you decide to try out this amazing package:

The Exciting Subliminal Body Sculpting software: runs on any version of Windows; with the ability to create your own personalized subliminal programs, with NO LIMITS. Comes with a full introduction and help file.
400 FREE Affirmations: We'll bundle 16 awe-inspiring subliminal programs to help you develop truly amazing will power, lose weight quickly, sculpt your muscles, develop vibrant energy, gain unstoppable motivation, learn how to effortlessly stick to a healthy diet, build powerful self-confidence, 
Exclusive Add-on Audio Offer: After a month, we'll offer you our exclusive Add-On audio, containing hundreds of cutting-edge subliminal programs, relaxing background audio files, binaural beat recordings, and MUCH more!
Rock solid guarantee: with full e-mail support!
24/7 Customer Support: Our dedicated support team work around the clock to answer your questions. Whether you have questions on getting started, writing your own subliminal programs, or the best settings to use, we're always happy to help. We think Subliminal Body Sculpting is so easy-to-use, you won't NEED any assistance... but just in case you do, we're always here to help.
...and if you order before midnight, you'll also receive:
BONUS "Finding Time To Fit It All In" module: for helping you to organize your day to maximize your effectiveness.
The  Night-time Subliminal Audio: which helps you relax, sleep more soundly, and “implant” your goals, new behaviors, and attitudes deep into the core of your subconscious mind, to develop focus, concentration, motivation, and single-minded purpose on achieving, then maintaining a tight, lean, strong, youthful looking body, that’s full of energy.

But before you decide...
Let Me Make You A Solid Guarantee...


Our policy is simple.

We guarantee that if you use the Subliminal Body Sculpting Software
for 8 weeks, you'll see measurable improvements in your life, whether it be quitting poor habits, becoming healthier, losing weight, increasing your energy or getting and staying motivated to reach some truly phenomenal body sculpting goals...

...All of which means having a lot more peace of mind and healthier self-esteem.

But if you're not 100% satisfied, simply return the product any time within the first
8 weeks
and we'll issue you a no hassles refund.

No clauses, no conditions - it's as simple as that. This means that your purchase is absolutely risk-free!

That's 8 weeks to put this amazing software to the test - all the risk is on us.  So, you can't possibly lose, unless you pass this up and don't even try!



Want a great body, a sharp mind and the respect your deserve?

Go get it now...the easy way, the Subliminal Body Sculpting way.

The Subliminal Body Sculpting System is truly the most powerful, time independent, effortless personal development and life enhancement tool you're ever likely to find. From now on, every minute spent at your computer, will be time spent on your personal development and your physical well-being.

Plus, you'll achieve all of this and more without any extra time or effort on your part!

Take a few minutes to set it then forget it, and let the powerful subliminal messages work their magic on your subconscious mind.

Remember, see the results or your money back. No questions asked.

Ready for it? Click the link below now, for instant access:


Click the 'Order Now!' button to be taken to the safe and secure online processing page. When your order is approved you'll be taken to a page where you can download the software and get the free bonus gifts!

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     This is an Instant Download in a zip file,
and the audio's are in mp3 format.

P.S.   Please don't put this off, don't even wait 15 minutes. Get in on this now!  You have nothing to lose by giving it a go. And if it doesn't make big positive changes in your life within 28 days, we'll give you a full 100% refund for 8 weeks. You are absolutely covered by our TOTAL SATISFACTION guarantee. If you're not amazed by what it does for you, we give all your money back. Simple as that.

P.P.S.   As soon as you've paid, your order will be passed direct to our processing team who will provide you with the link to download your software packaged WITHIN MINUTES of your order. And if you have any problems, or require support at any time, you can always call or e-mail our team, using the direct phone number and email address on your download page. Don't forget: you have nothing to lose!

P.P.P.S.  This program is perfect for anyone who spends any time at all in front of a computer, and wants to look stronger, tighter, and leaner, but doesn't have the desire, motivation, or will power to diet or exercise.

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