And here's how easy it is for you to use ... in 3 simple steps

Once you've installed T-13 Subliminal Body Sculpting, using it is as easy as A B C. Although you'll get a user manual with the software program, you'll probably figure it out for yourself in just a few seconds ... It's really that simple.

Step 1:  To begin your journey to a better and healthier life, all you have to do is SELECT the categories that best suit your individual goals by placing a check in a box next to any, or all of the powerful affirmation categories.

Step 2:  Choose how you would like the message to " look and feel" by using the customization tool bar, or simply allow the messages to be delivered using the our proven default settings.

Step 3:  Click the start button and get back to work because that's all there is to it. There's NOTHING ELSE you have to do. The subtle messages will display at regular 1-second intervals, randomly while you work. You'll be absorbing the subliminal messages effortlessly into the depths of your subconscious your mind. Erasing self-sabotaging thoughts and replacing them with healthy, successful and positive thoughts.

At any time you can...


Add/select UNLIMITED affirmations - Just check the box next to as many 'affirmation sets' as you like, and you can add a limitless number of new affirmations... with ease!  That's right! This fully customizable software program is so advanced that you can easily create and add your own affirmations. You'll discover that there's no limit to what you can achieve.



Set your display location - You can set your affirmations to flash wherever is most convenient for you. You can select a random display, which will flash messages on various locations on your monitor. You can select the center, or in any of the corners of the screen, for the highest of visibility. T-13 Subliminal Body Sculpting is completely unobtrusive.



Set message interval timing - You can set your message display interval timing from anywhere between 1 to 600 seconds apart. You can flash messages more frequently for stronger influence, or less frequently for maintenance. You can easily adapt these settings to suit your individual needs and preferences. With just a click of a button, the entire setup process takes no longer than about 3 minutes.



Set display time - This is probably the most important setting of all. Every person's mind is unique. If the default display setting is too slow for you (meaning that you can still detect and read the text), you can turn it down to as low as 1 millisecond...that's 1/1000th of a second!  That's such a fast 'flash' that your conscious mind won't be able to detect it - but your subconscious mind will still absorb the affirmation and use it to help you reach your goal.